Kansas: Living History; Eclectic Living

Flint Hills Discovery CentrePlanted in the very heart of America, with deep historic, cultural and family-focused roots, Kansas is that unassuming character you find in every group - not pushy or loud, but somehow intriguing - and when you do take a closer look and make contact, your interest is richly rewarded. Because, if it's about anything, Kansas is about its open, friendly, welcoming people - each with a story to tell and an experience to offer.

What do people who've never visited think they know about the Sunflower State? The countryside is flat and uninteresting. The only famous person ever to come out of Kansas was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz ... and that's about it for most folks! But, they're wrong on both counts.

Eleven well-defined scenic and historic trails criss-cross the state; the core of each story in its name - the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway; the Frontier Military Historic Byway to name just two. For Kansas has been tramped across, ridden across, and traversed by a nascent railroad - south to north (cowboys and cattle); and east to west (settlers and native Americans) throughout the nation's history. The famous places and names are legion and redolent of it - Dodge City, Abilene and Wichita ; President Dwight D Eisenhower; Senator Bob Dole and, yes, Dorothy and Toto!

Head out along the trails and, yes, you'll experience 100% real, living history; 'downhome' cooking and the warmest welcome anywhere. You'll enjoy fried chicken and country gravy - with every county claiming its breading is the best - and melt-in-the-mouth barbeque you'll never forget. Explore Kansas' cities - large and small - though, and the living is eclectic and intriguing - from the jazz, blues and gourmet dining in Kansas City to the quirky art and tongue-in-cheek town architecture of Lucas. Because the real Kansas story for the visitor is a rich one - living history and eclectic living!

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Die Wildnis ruft!

In Kansas kommen Naturfreunde voll auf ihre Kosten. Verschiedene Naturschutzgebiete sind besonders jetzt im Frühling einen Besuch wert.

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